V   (1983-1985)

Aliens have arrived and they look like us, or so it seems.  They approach the citizens of Earth and
ask for our help to save their planet.  They are actually a lizard like race and they only want
Earth for one thing, a food source.

This series wasn't the greatest show to air, but it did have promise.  I admit that the storyline was
somewhat lacking at times, but what show doesn't have those moments.  It would be nice to have it rewritten and redone and see what it would be like today though.

Here is a listing of the episodes
Original AIRDATE Episode TITLE
May 1, 2, 1983 V
May 6, 7, 8 1984 V: The Final Battle
Oct. 26, 1984 Liberation Day*
Nov. 2, 1984 Dreadnaught
May 24, 1985 Breakout**
Nov. 9, 1984 Deception
Nov. 16, 1984 Sanction
Nov. 23, 1984 Visitor's Choice
Nov. 30, 1984 Overloard
Dec. 14, 1984 The Dissident
Dec. 21, 1984 Reflections in Terror
Jan. 4, 1985 The Conversion
Jan. 11, 1985 The Hero
Jan. 18, 1985 The Betrayal
Feb. 1, 1985 The Rescue
Feb. 8, 1985 The Champion
Feb. 15, 1985 The Wildcats
Feb. 22, 1985 The Littlest Dragon
Mar. 8, 1985 War of Illusion
Mar. 15, 1985 The Secret Underground
Mar. 22, 1985 The Return
UNAIRED The Attack***

*Beginning of regular series
** Storyline supposed to aired here.
***Script written, but not filmed


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