Space: Above And Beyond   (1995-1996)


Space: Above And Beyond first aired  back on September 24, 1995 in the United States and only lasted the one season before being cancelled by FOX.  It was the brain child of creators Glen Morgan and James Wong., both of whom you might recognize from X-Files, Millennium, and Final Destination.

It is hard to believe that it has been over 10 years since the show first aired.   They do have the
entire series available on DVD.  The only place that I have found it though is on

The series had a total of 22 episodes (24 if you count the 2 hour Pilot as 2 episodes).  The series followed a group of  Marine recruits to help Earth fight in the war against aliens known as Chigs.  

Title Original
101-102 Pilot 9/24/1995
103 The Farthest Man From Home 10/1/1995
104 The Darkside Of  The Sun 10/8/1995
105 Mutiny 10/15/1995
106 Butts 10/22/1995
107 Eyes 11/5/1995
108 The Enemy 11/13/1995
109 Hostile Visit (a.k.a. A Good Day To Die) 11/19/1995
110 Choice or Chance (a.k.a. To Die For) 11/26/1995
111 Stay With The Dead 12/3/1995
112 River of Stars 12/17/1995
113 Who Monitors The Birds 1/7/1996
114 Level of Necessity 1/14/1996
115 Never No More 2/4/1996
116 The Angriest Angel 2/11/1996
117 Toy Soldiers 2/18/1996
118 Dear Earth 3/10/1996
119 Pearly 3/24/1996
120 R & R 4/12/1996
121 Stardust 4/19/1996
122 Sugar Dirt 4/20/1996
123 And If They Lay Us To Rest … 5/26/1996
124 ... Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best 6/2/1996

Nathan WestCooper Hawkes
Shane Vansen
Tyrus Cassius 'T.C.' McQueen
Vanessa Damphousse
Paul Wang

Here are some images that I found from one of my backup disks from January of 1999.  These are
blueprints of the 'USS Saratoga' and of a 'Hammerhead'.

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