Conventions Pictures

Here are some pics taken at some of the conventions that I try to attend hosted by
C2 Ventures.  These pics are in no particular order.
To all of the stars that have attended and will attend, I want to personally thank you for your
time that you took to attend.

Allen Ruck (04-29-06)
Alan Ruck (center)
Star Trek: Generations

Alan Ruck - Spin City
Alan Ruck from Star Trek: Generations, Spin City, Ferris Buelluer's Day Off, etc.

David Prowse (Darth Vader)
Dave Prowse (right)
Dave Prowse from Star Wars (Episodes 04-06) as Darth Vader (The Man Behind The Mask)

Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn artist/creator of Ninja High School and several others.

Doug Jones
Doug Jones (left)
Doug Jones in Hellboy, MIB II, and more.

Dwight Shultz

Dwight Shultz in A-Team, Star Trek TNG & Voyager, and more.

Star Trek

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