Links Page
These links are in no particular order, just some places on
the web that I visited and I think that you may enjoy.

Wallpaperplanet - Saving the world, one wallpaper at a time
This site is run by my good buddy Sithvol.  If you are looking for a wallpaper, chance are he
has one, or he can create one for you (NO ADULT IMAGE REQUESTS PLEASE).

The Online Occult Omnipedia - Your Internet Home for the Unexplained
This is another site run by my buddy Sithvol.  It is an excellent online resource for Who's Who,
Cryptozoology, Groups, etc of the unexplained.

Frog Crazy - Home of the Frog Enchantress
This site is maintained by the Frog Enchantress.
 It has won several awards and has some cool pics of frogs.

Star Trek: The Offical Site
The Offical Home on the Internet for Star Trek.

Mike Jittlov's WizWorld!
If you have not seen this movie by Mike Jittlov, then go BUY IT or  RENT IT.  Whatever you do, just watch it.
 It is a must see for any  Sci-Fi fan.  You have got to visit this site and read all about it and him.

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