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It is a home away from home for all the weary travelers from across the ages and dimensions. Whether you be Technomage, Jedi Knight,  a wizard's apprentince,or just another lost soul looking for a place to rest and visit…all are welcome. It is located at the crossroads of the dimensions and time…existing neither here nor there, everywhere and nowhere.

This site is dedicated to various Sci-Fi and Fantasy facet's.

The site first went online back in January 1, 1999 at my one of my old internet providers.
 The site then went into hiatus back sometime around April  16, 2001.   I quit working on
 it due to many reasons at the time, and also the provider is no longer in business,
but a few of the old pages survived at that location.  I started the page back up in
March 2005 at the current location.    This site was created because I didn't think
think there was enough support for some great TV series out there that has come
and gone.  Over the years though, I have noticed that some new sites have
blossemed to pay tribute to them.

 I decided to go by the nickname of "The Wizard" ever since the video game 'Gauntlet' came out back in 1985.  Three of my best friends and myself would shell out alot of quaters playing this game.  I always played the Wizard 'Merlin' in the game.   I don't think we ever beat it, but we came pretty darn close. 

 Since there are alot of people that use 'The Wizard', I have been going by
'TheLoneRanger33' most of the time when I am online playing a game, mostly thru the Gamespy Network.  You can catch me sometimes online using my other nick,
TheWizard33, but that is verky rare though as of this writing.


All images and info is property to their respectful owner, copyright holder, and all that other legal stuff.
This is a fan based site for fans by a fan.  
Just like everything in life, this site is probably not 100% accurate.
 If you find any thing wrong, email me and let me know, and I will try to correct it right away.
Thank you for visiting my site. -The Wizard