The Greatest American Hero   (1981-1983)

High School teacher Ralph Hinkley is going thru the middle of a divorce
when he is summoned to take over a class of misfits.  While taking them
out to the desert on a field trip, the bus breaks down.  He goes off to get
help when he comes across FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, who is drunk over the
murder of his partner.  While they are there, a spaceship arrives and gives
Ralph a special suit.  The suit will give him special powers to help save
his world, so it does not end up like theirs.  While he is out there, he loses
the instruction manual on how to use the suit. 

The series is about him fighting crime while trying to learn how to use the
suit, along with other issues in his personal life.

The entire series along with the Pilot for a potential spinoff series,
'The Great American Heroine', is out on DVD in 3 sets.

Season One
Original Airdate Episode Title
March 18, 1981 The Greatest American Hero (Pilot)
March 25, 1981 The Hit Car
April 1, 1981 Here's Looking at You Kid
April 8, 1981 Saturday on Sunset Boulevard
April 15, 1981 Reseda Rose
April 29, 1981 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
May 6, 1981 Fire Man
May 13, 1981 The Best Desk Scenario

Season Two
Original Airdate Episode Title
November 4, 1981 The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fastball
November 11, 1981 Operation Spoil Sport
November 18, 1981 Don't Mess Around With Jim
November 25, 1981 Hog Wild
December 2, 1981 Classical Gas
December 9, 1981 The Beast in Black
December 16, 1981 The Lost Diablo
January 6, 1982 Plague
January 13, 1982 Train of Thought
January 20, 1982 Now You See It...
January 27, 1982 The Hand-Painted Thai
February 3, 1982 Just Another Three Ring Circus
February 10, 1982 The Shock Will Kill You
February 17, 1982 A Chicken In Every Plot
February 24, 1982 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
March 3, 1982 It's All Downhill From Here
March 17, 1982 Dreams
March 24, 1982 There's Just No Accounting...
March 31, 1982 The Good Samaritan
April 7, 1982 Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
April 14, 1982 Who Woo in America
April 28, 1982 Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell

Season Three
Original Airdate Episode Title
October 29, 1982 Divorce Venusian Style
November 5, 1982 The Price is Right
November 12, 1982 This is the One the Suit Was Meant For
November 19, 1982 The Resurrection of Carlini
January 6, 1983 The Newlywed Game
January 13, 1983 Heaven is in Your Genes
January 20, 1983 Live at Eleven
January 27, 1983 Space Ranger
February 3, 1983 Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo
UNAIRED Wizards And Warlocks
UNAIRED It's Only Rock and Roll
UNAIRED Desperado
UNAIRED Vanity, Says the Preacher

The Greatest American Hero
The Beautiful Girlfriend
The F.B.I. Agent

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