The Flash   (1990-1991)

The Flash... one of the best made for TV superhero shows of all time.  Why was it
cancelled? I don't know, and I don't think anyone truly knows except for the network
executives.  I think it was because of the money for the special effects, that is my
opinion.  At the time, they were expensive.

Warner Brothers did announce they are in development of a Flash movie.  To read
more about it, click here.

The Flash - Episode Listing

Original AIRDATE Episode TITLE
9/20/1990 The Flash
9/27/1990 Out Of Control
10/18/1990 Watching the Detectives
10/25/1990 Honor Among Thieves
11/1/1990 Double Vision
11/8/1990 Sins of the Father
11/15/1990 Child's Play
11/29/1990 Shroud of Death
12/13/1990 Ghost In The Machine
1/10/1991 Sight Unseen
1/31/1991 Beat the Clock
2/7/1991 The Trickster
2/14/1991 Tina - Is That You?
2/21/1991 Be My Baby
2/27/1991 Fast Forward
3/30/1991 Deadly Nightshade
4/6/1991 Captain Cold
4/13/1991 Twin Streaks
4/27/1991 All Done With Mirrors
5/4/1990 Slumber Party
5/11/1991 Alpha
5/18/1991 Trial of the Trickster

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